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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Quick Key to the Cosmic Web
Spiral of the Adepti

           There are 33 Initiate Levels in the Spiral of Adepti system: 32 working Levels with the 33rd relating to spontaneous mystical awakening and kept as a private initiation. Each Iseum Adepti provides her/his own original program of study, culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The rites are based upon the 33 intersecting points made by the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat.

The order in which Olivia Robertson placed these rituals is included in the Quick Key below and was subsequently included in the FOI manuals at her request. Although Olivia encouraged others to use their own arrangements if they felt so inclined, this is the original system that she herself created for the Fellowship. Whenever Olivia created a new degree system, she did not intend to place the rituals in any "proper" linear fashion - rather she received their order through the inspiration of Isis and afterwards looked for synchronistic correspondences, which she always found!

Cosmic Web of the Universe

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Liturgy for Adepti Initiate Level System:
Dea: Rites 1-7 correspond to Initiate Levels 1-7
Panthea: All rites correspond to Initiate Levels 8-19
Psyche: All rites correspond to Initiate Levels 20-31
Isis & Osiris Ritual: Rite corresponds to Initiate Level 32

Rites may be taken in the order most helpful to the member's chosen path.

Quick Key for the Spiral of Adepti Initiate Level System
(The ritual placements below were originally created by Olivia Robertson.)

Connections Planets Numbered Rites Cosmic Rays
0. North to Center:
    Winter Solstice
& Pluto
5 Ritual of the Sun
13 The Athenaea
21 The Triple Moon
29 Ursa Major
0 & 8th
I. N.E. to Center:
Mars 6 Litany of the Earth
14 Wesak
22 The Radiant Sun
30 Draco
1st C.R.
II. East to Center:
    Spring Equinox
Venus 7 Star Rite
15 Astarte & Adonis
23 Galactic Dragon
31 Ursa Minor
2nd C.R.
III. S.E. to Center:
Mercury 8 Alma Mater
16 Opet
24 Sirus, Star of Isis
32 Isis & Osiris
3rd C.R.
IV. South to Center:
     Summer Solstice
Jupiter 1 Shrine Dedication
9 Flamma Vestae
17 Eleusinian Mys.
25 Southern Cross
33 Mystical Awakening
4th C.R.
V. S.W. to Center:
Saturn 2 Rite of Abundance
10 Porta Mystica
18 World of Spirits
26 Aquila & Lyra
5th C.R.
VI. West to Center:
     Autumn Equinox
     The Arts/Ritual
& Inner Sun
3 Five Elements
11 Dulce Domum
19 Tree of Life
27 Winged Pegasus
6th C.R.
VII. N.W. to Center:
& Moon
4 Good Health
12 The Hydrophoria
20 Matrix of the Earth
28 Cassiopeia
7th C.R.

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