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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Quick Key to the Cosmic Web
Noble Order of Tara

           There are 12 Initiations in the Noble Order of Tara. Each Grand Dame/Knight Commander provides her/his own original program of study, culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The order in which Olivia Robertson, creator of this degree system, placed these rituals is included in the Quick Key below.

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Liturgy for Noble Order of Tara:

Melusina, Life Centers of the Goddess: All rites correspond to Initiations 1-12.

Rites are taken in order to achieve corresponding Grades.

Quick Key for the Noble Order of Tara

Connections Planets Numbered Rites Cosmic Rays
0. North to Center:
    Winter Solstice
& Pluto
5 Creation of Life Forms
 (2nd Grade)
0 & 8th
I. N.E. to Center:
Mars 6 Dawn of Inner Sun
 (2nd Grade)
1st C.R.
II. East to Center:
    Spring Equinox
Venus 7 Opening Heart's Rose
 (3rd Grade)
2nd C.R.
III. S.E. to Center:
Mercury 8 Unfolding Wings
 (3rd Grade)
3rd C.R.
IV. South to Center:
     Summer Solstice
Jupiter 1 Initiation of Pylons
 (1st Grade)
9 Music of Spheres
 (3rd Grade)
4th C.R.
V. S.W. to Center:
Saturn 2 Awakening Golden Phoenix
 (1st Grade)
10 Opening Eye of Vision
 (4th Grade)
5th C.R.
VI. West to Center:
     Autumn Equinox
     The Arts/Ritual
& Inner Sun
3 Descent of White Eagle
 (1st Grade)
11 Crowned with Glory
 (4th Grade)
6th C.R.
VII. N.W. to Center:
& Moon
4 Kundalini Serpent
 (2nd Grade)
12 Rainbow Aura
 (4th Grade)
7th C.R.

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