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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Lughnasad 2013

Olivia Robertson
photo © 2009 M.Q.

“We are wanderers in search of our lost Heaven.”

It was on a misty Bank Holiday weekend – Sunday morning in June 2013, when a strange happening brought my recent problems and speculations to an end. I was totally astonished – bewildered – at a new beginning. It was so strange and wonderful that I wish to share the experience with everyone.

It began this way. The Castle grounds had been full of delightful wedding guests who had shared in some Blessing in each part of the grounds, to make romantic a registry office marriage. That morning I decided “to feel the vibes” left behind by these visitants, lovely young people with lots of flowers.

Now I was practising adjusting to stray people wandering round our gardens, where before there had been none – just wood pigeons cooing. I am a solitary stroller but felt guided to be friendly with every sort of visitor. I was feeling very down to earth, in jersey and trousers.

I spoke briefly to one or two strollers in our Wilderness, where there is a lake with an island, which borders the River of the Oak, the River Derry – the Daire. For instance I met a tall fair woman who cooked at the neighbouring hotel, and I said that she was very welcome to come at any time. She commented on the peace and tranquility. I was now on the bank of the lake and saw someone else. I was a bit surprised at finding quite so many stray tourists after eleven on a Sunday. Most people slept late.

Then I saw further on the path a very tall man wearing a long black cloak to his feet -with a hood – I’m not sure whether it was up or not, and I think it was lined with crimson. I thought ‘Good – I can have another nice chat,’ and I called out “It’s good to see people walking here!” or words to that effect. The man came straight towards me – to a few feet away. Then his cloak billowed out towards the lake and a huge oak tree – and to my amazement he vanished by the tree. I felt a silvery-shining tinkling all over my head.

I call him “The Wanderer.” He had the dignity of some mysterious King – a Shaman. I feel I would not have seen him if I had not been friendly to all solitary wanderers. I wonder what this apparition bodes. I know he had Divine regality.

When we align ourselves with Golden Flow, life becomes meaningful and blissful, whatever happens in the world. We who keep in touch with our souls gain that lovely communion with Spirit World. What we enjoy is Vocation, so we know when we journey in this planetary labyrinth. I know that I am grateful that this happened – in broad daylight – supplementing my usual visions and teachings which come at dawn when I am half in my soul body – and it can be hard to come back.

A Druid told me that before 2012 he and fellow Druids unblocked a tunnel leading to the inner realm beneath Glastonbury Tor, and hence to Galactic Centre. Our Temple was ‘unblocked’ late in February. Many psychics say it has completely changed and brightened – there was a silver-white flow through the window above The Well and brilliant warm colours from the earth. Welling from the High Altar and the two pillars before it, is a source of fire and black power which turns into vivid and beautiful rainbow colours from The Mothers. My brother Lawrence described both. I speculate that the white power over The Well is of Isis, and is of air, breath, and the flow in our bodies through the cerebral-spinal system. The power beneath our Cave of the Mothers is gold power and flows through the blood, the sympathetic nervous system, and relates to Ra. The union of these two forms create gold and silver orbs of power – Chakras of power.

Power energy may not be seen as Divine but rather as power that translates this energy to the Divine purpose. Terrible cruelty and violence comes from misusing this power.

The intention of the Fellowship is to unite the Divine Source, Love and Truth in harmony. We try to unite these two Divine attributers in the Holy of Holies, the Star Chapel, with no outside walls. Ishtar and Tammuz, Isis and Osiris, Vishnu and Lakshmi, Maria and Christ, bring this wholeness now fragmented on this earth. We fight subjection, domination, exploitation of humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects of every species – all creatures of the Mother’s sacred elements.

I paraphrase Katherine Tynan’s poem “The New Jerusalem” ….

I stand before our Sun and Moon Gate, leading to our Well of Truth, and say:

“The Temple of Isis is Holy;
Her Gate is open wide;
All She calls may enter; No seeker is denied.”

(Reflections articles are included here at the request of Olivia Robertson. Our thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding these each quarter.)

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