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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson

Isian News Issue 145
Olivia Robertson
photo © 2009 M.Q.

Click on the blue speaker to hear Olivia read this article:
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“We are all Gods. So is the Cat.”

I first became aware of apartheid, the exclusion of one lot of people from another, at my “posh” school in England. It was Anglican High Church. However, we had a sub-class of humans living in the same house who were called “Miners’ Daughters.” This was a charitable Christian work. Their community in Wales were poor – very, very poor. We were never allowed to speak to them, nor have any awareness of their names or who they were. They worked in secret. We were to leave our beds drawn back to air before the Miners’ Daughters had to make them correctly. I used to listen to our fellow students talking about them. “They dress up on their days off just like us. What cheek.”

I was aware that Roman Catholics, our ‘opposition’, had the same attitude. I was talking to an Irish Child Abuse Survivor, who said a nun had told her: “You come from nothing. You are nothing.” Another victim told me she kept quiet for sixty years about her time enduring years of abuse. She never even told her husband. To be a victim was your fault – your inferiority. Then she decided to speak out. She testified in court. Her behaviour was not approved of by one old woman who told the Press: “I never heard of these nasty things when I was a girl. I was brought up properly. No wonder their Reverences kept quiet about nastiness. It gives the Church a bad name.”

Through the Fellowship of Isis, I wished to bring the honour given to the few to all. I observed that men paid money but had no respect for pretty young girls stripping naked to music. Yet millions were deeply moved by a young woman being dressed. She was given Crown, Robe and Sceptre to music. She was anointed with Oil reserved only for Her, Holy Oil for her status alone.

In our Ordination of a Priestess ceremony each woman is given a Crown, a Priestly Stole and a Wand. She is anointed with Holy Oil. As for Priests, they are given a Mitre, a Robe and a Staff. They too are anointed. We now have thousands of Queens and Popes. And each one is special.

In England I had been brought up to fight evil, taught by Victorian stories. My task as a Christian was to find evil and fight it. You just had to find the evil, defeated by heroes, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale, Lord Shaftesbury and William Wilberforce. I found Mahatma Ghandi. I became a Pacifist.

The Concentration Camps dampened my belief in peace process. Then I joined the Positive Thinkers, who came from America. They believed the way to help the world was to follow the 3 Wise Monkeys, who see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. This total denial of negativity, “the Dark”, “the left-hand Path” affirmed that we were to propagate the Light, and so receive health, popularity and abundance. I remember one lady saying: “I have no money. I got flu. I must be thinking wrong…”

You see the religion I was taught declared we were nothing, creatures created and therefore subject to the power of the Creator. I noticed most Gods of various faiths heartily despised and periodically destroyed their own creation – as true artists will ever do in quest of perfection.

In our faith I was taught that “Humanity was born and conceived in sin, through the disobedience in daring to procreate.” Like other religions, we had to appease the wrath by a time-honoured ritual of sacrifice. We could never be born like the Creator’s Only Son – we were like androids; but the ancient cannibal ritual of eating perfect victims was sacramentally enacted. “Natives” ate a missionary, and so gained his boat and his magic. We did this to the Son, ritually eating Him. Our Priests, and only they, magically transformed bread and wine into the Son’s body. We performed “consubstantiation” – God and the food. Roman Catholics did it properly through “transubstantiation.” Only their Priests could do this. So the old woman who wished us to keep quiet to save their Reverences was logical. They had to keep the Priests performing the Sacrifice or she would never attain Heaven.

I examined what other faiths had to offer. Classical religion only offered you Divinity if an amorous God or Goddess raped you. In Babylon the dead had no hope. They crawled on their stomachs eating dust forever. Only Her Lover was saved by the Goddess Ishtar.

Still, you did have some sort of life in Hades, depressing though it was. Buddhism removed these fears of the soul’s sufferings by saying we had none. There was no cruel God - or Gods - because there weren’t any. I could, like Kwan Yin, gain enlightenment at the price of losing my individuality and, like Kwan Yin, becoming a man. Only men could get enlightened. Only in the Mystery Orders did spiritual truth emerge. We in the Fellowship of Isis open the Mysteries to all – and free!

Now I realise that we will never regain our divinity by playing mind systems. What is glorious now is that Awakening comes usually unexpectedly. This Divine Reality from which we have all been born transcends both time and space.

Many people tell of this onset of mystical consciousness. To me it came through total despair. If I had had a gleam of hope I would have gone off to lunch. But on the 30th October, 1945, I saw the earth as dominated by evil, a triangle like a pyramid, dominated by a cruel little boy astride the earth like a Colossus. I heard a voice saying to reverse the triangle. It became the Holy Grael. When I put the triangles together, they formed the Star of David. When the two points converge round the centre in a geometrical diamond, you have the mystical Diamond of Perfection, blending high and low.

My form of mystical consciousness of emblems comes through “omniscience”, so I am a writer, playwright and painter. But others awaken to “omnipotence” – the use of energies. Many have the lovely unity with Nature through “omni-presence”. And we are only at the portals of the Labyrinth that is complete. But we have to travel through time and place to Centre. And as we come nearer to the central Matrix, we have no enemies, and evil has been transmuted into its own good. Duality teaches truth. Unity brings Love. Harmony prevails.

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(Reflections articles are included here at the request of Olivia Robertson. Our thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding these.)

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