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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Lughnasad 2003 Isian News - Issue 109
By: Olivia Robertson


How we long to fly! Not with the sound of ugly machinery, pretence at flight, but with the rise and fall of the bird. And we dream of our heritage. But this destiny is not of the human body, evolved for more prosaic occupations. The soaring wings of birds remind us of what we forget every morning: our night adventures out of our bodies.

It is ironical that our very intellectual progress has enforced the very gate keepers in the brain that prohibit our seven sleepers within us to awaken! For each of us has dormant the divine potential of immortal gifts, extension of our five senses. These operate in a limited fashion with simple tribal peoples and in children especially in those once stigmatized as "wanting." Yes, wanting in practical uses of the brain but in compensation, the ability to see and hear the hidden life of Nature.

Plato has described our predicament in his famous allegory of the cave, when humans can only know of the divine world of reality through looking at shadows. And how we measure, criticise, theorise, dogmatize on the meaning of these shadows! We are as a deaf man trying to learn of music through studying the mathematical differentials of a score. We are like the blind men in the Hindu story trying to determine the appearance of an elephant through touch. One declared an elephant was a rope, feeling the tail: another felt four columns, and a third thought the trunk was a snake. We laugh, yet we are in the same situation. In the Koran the Seven Sleepers lie in their cave, and would appear to typify the seven hidden power centres, the chakras within each of us and within our fellow animals and plants in various configurations.

We will never attain divine awareness through measuring the immeasurable. Can we give statistics explaining love, joy, response to beauty? Yet we need to calculate, to measure, to examine with our minds. This is the particular ability of human evolution. In fact we have become so skilled in “conquering nature", as some scientists put it, that we have conquered every other creature on the planet assessing whether they shall live or die: be used as a genetic pool for us to use to cure our diseases: to act as our nourishment and to provide information as to the nature of life. It is curious that we place "mentally deficient" people in mental institutions, yet fail to lock up those very scientists and politicians who threaten to transform our beautiful planet into a bare, crater marked globe like a golf ball. They can do it. Is this just a matter of time?

When a species is faced with anhilation meaningful mutation may occur. This is a natural happening, but it stems from the so called supernatural. Experts worry about two opposing trends: population increase, and the rapidly sliding proportion of male fertility. What is actually happening, even before our very eyes, is a change in men and women that tends towards The Sidhe. What are or is The Sidhe? In India the word “siddhes" describes miraculous gifts. In Ireland, people of the Sidhe can still be seen and be communed with . . . There is little information, certainly none from orthodox science, as to the nature of men and women Sidhe. I had the privilege of meeting AE George Russell the Sage, a friend of our family. Curiously enough, his accounts of Beings of Light were accepted in Dublin, because of his shining integrity – and intelligence. A friend of W.B. Yeats and James Stephens, he enriched the whole generation of Irish who formed the Order of the Golden Dawn with actual paintings and descriptions of The Sidhe.

Now nothing is more annoying than to be an occultist with no occult gifts! Eminent theosophists were restricted to psychic accounts by the clairvoyant Leadbeater. Madame Blavatski provided mediumship. The Master Dr. Dee relied on Kelly, the medium, in the age of Queen Elizabeth. There is a very curious relationship with noble Masters of the Wisdom like Bacon and the reputation of Dee, who was pursuaded by Kelly to do wife swapping so jettisoning their reputation. For people with psychic gifts belong to the family of Mercury the Magician, and don't give a fig for their Good Name and, like Crowley, enjoy pulling people's legs. They are like a leprechaun with his hidden crock of gold. When a human gold seeker grabs a leprechaun to get his gold he is not lucky...I used to be told of the Leprechaun of our neighbouring Kilcarry Wood: "the farmer Mr. Rice got hold of the leprechaun and he squeezed him tight and he shook him hard and he said: "tell me where the gold is hid!" So the leprechaun took him to a hole in the ground and told Mr. Rice to dig. But the moment he let go of the leprechaun to dig, he vanished, and the gold was only a pile of old leaves and sticks.

So it always is with faery jewels, crowns, wands and swords. They vanish like their lovely wearers in the cold light of the mundane. So how can we reach these wonders and enjoy them? The only way is to know that we have these treasures within our own selves! It is true that humans evolve through physical, biological evolution, whereas Nature Spirits develop through the etheric essences of earth, air, fire and water, beyond our physical elements. But a five element Sidhe becomes an angel, and a seven element Sidhe is Goddess or God, in a seventh dimension. Let us cease from abusing humble nature spirits by destroying the etheric and physical earth which we share. They have Mighty Relatives, the Deities, Who shall defend them with love and power. Let us join Them.

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