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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Isian News Issue 120
Reflections by: Olivia Robertson

Click on the blue speaker to hear Olivia read this article:
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We struggling humans need friendship from those who belong to the mysterious spheres where we come from and where we travel to after death. Although I was brought up as a child with stories of the faery realm of “The Sidhe” – faeries of the elements – there has recently become a widening gap between ourselves and “The Gentry”. There is cultural, social, and – strangely – psychic snobbery… I notice that seekers insist on the grandest possible Teachers and Guides: Christ, Kwan Yin, the Archangel Michael and Merlin. Isis has been added by some to the list, though Venus is suspect. Hathor is substituted, as sounding more morally acceptable.

The spheres in which we find ourselves are also graded in a caste system: i.e. High and white and right are good. Low and black and left are bad. Therefore the cheery plane called Astral is deemed lesser, suburban, for spirits who, though not “black”- doomed to “the lower astral” - (a euphemism for hell) – yet are not “Spiritual” enough for a white sphere where we gladly become “a dewdrop slipping into the shining sea.” Note that the sea is shining. There we become merged with the very top hierarchy, having surrendered that individuality which we have gained through ages of biological evolution. We might as well be a sublime amoeba.

I myself have increasingly become aware of the necessity of spiritual equality when we commune with Deity. The Goddess or God seeking communion with us, needs to adjust themselves to our minds and hearts. So indeed do we adjust ourselves with communication with horses and dogs. We commune with a cat on the cat’s terms – hence there is equality. The cat may not be able to use a computer, but can feel affection. Love is shared Divinity.

However, I have for years been aware of the difficulty one may experience in communing with Goddesses – or Gods – in the prescribed way. In some faiths, the worshipper prostrates. This may impede the flow of shared humour, ideas and comments from Deity to human. The kneeling worshipper is totally passive – “Yin” – the Deity totally powerful – “Yang”. In many cases it is a dialogue between Master and slave, the slave petitioning for mercy, graces, gifts. The Deity encourages or punishes. Not an ideal relationship…..

In my own communion with Deity, I do not “Worship”, and do not kneel, hands folded. This is not to criticise those who do. I like a free flow of communion, loving and cheerful. However, I am always aware of the vast greatness of Those Goddesses and Gods. Hence, though not prostrate, I still am a daughter of loving and all-powerful parents. And sometimes one does need a more equal supernatural acquaintance!

At last I have found this, in relationship with the beings we call Faeries – Devas – Nature Spirits – The Sidhe – Genie. Human interaction with these spirits has been as cruel as our relationship with indigenous races – a fatal impact for both “civilized” nations and those living nearer to untechnological nature. There is fear and exploitation.

Relating this to the psychic spheres, I note that magicians claim to practice total power over elemental spirits. They order them around. They do strange deals with those they call “Elemental Kings”, and have been known to command Archangels to guard the four quarters for a Rite – who are then banished at the end of the ceremony. “To Stir and Command” these beings is much like a Western imperialist ordering some lama or shaman to obey. We are busy destroying our planet and thus injuring nature spirits.

In the past occultists claimed a sovereignty over every creature, animal or spirit by obtaining the favour of some greater spirit – whether celestial (good – white) or infernal (black – bad.) This leads to the most savage of all wars – religious fear, leading to violence. We have turned from universal Divine Harmony to good God fighting bad god (devil). This leads to paranoia, madness, even suicide. There is the ultimate horror of being trapped by such delusions after physical death.

My own understanding is this. We humans courageously choose to follow our own biological evolution, gaining the experience of gaining an individual soul through many lives throughout the evolutionary span.

However, the spirits of the elements have their own evolution as they advance through the psychic elements of consciousness. If a faery starts with air – mind, it adds earth – practicality, fire – vitality, water – emotion, and the fifth element, ether – spirit. As the faery progresses, it grows in size. But what delights me is that when the Sidhe – Devas – Faeries – win the fifth element, they are our equals. For though humans have individual souls gained through ages of struggle, these friends have a spiritual quality that brings joy, laughter and friendship. We can share a joke, harder to do with a Goddess!

This new awareness brought with it for me the cure for the terrible fear people have of devils, daemons, and black magicians. We can never encounter any spirit, bad or good, beyond our capacity to deal with! To give an example: A woman endured terror at nights by visitations of a gigantic monster. She wondered was it the Devil or an Alien. Receiving psychic aid, what did she discover? The “Monster” was the projection of a boy of four years old, who had died unpleasantly, and was using the fears of this woman to project a Monster once seen in his comic paper.

Another woman endured visitations of a devil – or rather Satan or Lucifer. Even in our fears we demand the most prestigious demon. This Price of Darkness turned out to be her Professor. Sometimes a “devil” can be a relative, even a bank manager. Think of the thousands – hundred of thousands of children, who died in war, or through abortions – accidents – who in spirit form hang around women trying to be born.

Many of these unborn children are seen as little grey aliens seeking birth, deemed “alien” but pathetically only too human. I know one of our Priestesses who is creating a garden in the form of the FOI star and spiral to help these lost children, seeking rebirth through women. They need our love and help.

This is not to say that I do not know of the existence of beings from other realms. But these thoughts may help sufferers from “hauntings” to get things in proportion. To obtain guidance from Akhenaton, or Saint Germain gives spiritual status: but is it not safer to accept that one’s Prince of Darkness is actually a deceased grocer wanting attention?

So how to contact Faery friends? Why not join the Clan of the Faery Melusine? Here is a French myth, and if you can discern its hidden meaning – you may be of her Clan!

In ancient days the King of France was hunting in a forest in Albanie (Scotland). He discovered a fountain presided over by the Faery of the Before Times, Pressine. She told the King that she would give him water from her Fountain of the Heart’s Desire – if he would marry her. There was one condition. He must never see her give birth. He agreed. But later, after their marriage, he broke his oath. When she was giving birth, he hid himself and to his horror saw her give birth in a miraculous manner to three daughters at once. They were called Melusine, Palestrine and Melior. Pressine left him, and so he lost his heart’s desire through dishonour.

Later, in the land of France, the Count De Lusignan found a fountain during his hunting in a forest. There he found the three faeries, of exquisite beauty. They told him he could marry the faery whose gift he chose. Melusine offered the Art of Magic. Palestrine could bestow the Land of Heart’s Desire. The third, Melior, offered an Invincible Sword. The Count chose Magic. So he wedded Melusine. She made only one condition. He must never see her naked.

Provoked by a jealous brother, after Melusine had borne him ten sons, the Count hid, to watch his wife bathe, and to his terror saw that Melusine was part Dragon! When she saw his treachery, she circled her castle three times uttering a terrible keening over the cradles of her two latest sons. The Count was left dishonoured and lost all magical powers. Melusine had left behind her many castles all over France and her ten sons, and she became the revered Ancestress of all the Kings and nobility of Europe…

I will give my ideas! Melusine is the name of the Kundalini serpent power, the Inner Sun of Isis. The name given to Melusine was “La Bonne Femme – The Good Woman.” I see this as Bona Dea, The Good Goddess of the Roman religious community of women. The many castles may refer to centres of this always secret family, of those who wish to learn the magical arts of alchemy. Melusine is Mother not only to royalty and nobility, but to those who revered the Bona Dea. She was presented at the period also as Mary Mother of God, and secretly Isis, Mother of Horus. It was forbidden in Ancient Rome to witness the ceremonies of Bona Dea, or to view Her statue – one nobleman who did so was put to death. Hence the rules laid down – not to pry into the alchemical secrets that could perform direct creation from etheric energy to physical matter. I note, that as with the Sikh religion, there were ten primary Teachers.

Now the veil between the faery realm and ours is thinning, and a new Humanity is being born, some are permitted to see Isis Unveiled.

How can we join the Faery Clan of Melusine? It is already here! Dana is Mother of the Faery Tuathe De Danaan. This includes Deities, as well as Sidhe and humans. So with enthusiasm I have dedicated our Grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, round our Temple Well, to Melusine. This Well is our Temple focus of the Priory of the Goddess Brigid of the Noble Order of Tara. I note that my Welsh family second name is faery – Melian.

Deities, faeries and humans are all part of the family of the Mother Goddess of countless species, which includes spirits and bioforms; stars and crystals; galaxies and atoms. We all matter.

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N.B. Any member of the Druid Clan of Dana wishing to work with the Faery Realm should contact their own Grove.

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