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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Brigantia 2013

Olivia Robertson
photo © 2009 M.Q.

“To evolve through wider consciousness is to have greater power to be good or evil.”

When I was young I was taught by Spiritual Guides about the evolution of the cosmos. They used a Woolworth’s corkscrew with a green handle. I enjoyed my lessons, because I was never commanded to believe anything until I in my own truth agreed with it. This was unlike any other teaching that I had been subject to. We began with a circle, a bottle ring that contained all that is. This was our corkscrew pushed together, so that the curves became one. It was in blackness. The dark was all right, part of it all. Then after a period of no-time the circle began to rotate. As it rotated it began to spread out into spirals – a screw. The screw began to subdivide into pieces, into every sort of being and thing. I could think of it going from right to left, as we open a bottle. Finally everything became scattered all over everywhere, loosely in twos.

Then came a happening, quite recently, on October 5th, 2012. It was like a spirit of fire going opposite to everything. This spirit began to make another corkscrew. It went in the opposite direction, left to right, through our one! Everything began to get together! The twos became one, and all existences joined the new corkscrew. Finally they became two circles again – the mouth of an invisible bottle! The circle stopped rotating and there was a silence. This went on until it vanished into darkness. After ages a new circle formed, and the same process started again. But each time it was different.

“What then was forever,” I asked, “with spirals changing?” “Consciousness was forever,” I was told. It was God. God (God-Goddess) was all that is. What was changing all the time was consciousness. Cosmic consciousness was our end and our beginning. We all came from the One. So I should give every person and creature and plant - Honour.

All my life I have had psychic visions, but the ones that I most value teach me something that I need to think about. So I shall share a recent experience, and my reader might help.

Last year, in Chicago at the Alexandria Lyceum of FOI on October 30th, 2011, I had a beautiful vision at dawn.. From a room behind her there entered a young girl of holiness and innocence. She had amber-coloured hair and she wore a silver-white gown. I was later given an earthly name from the past, but I shall use “Sophia.” The Divine Wisdom in feminine form.

This year, 2012, I received another visitation from this spiritual being, this time presenting a mystery. Here it is… She was on this occasion full of life and energy, as light as a fairy. Her clothes flowed about her as she played with discs, some very large, some small. They were all around her. I wondered what they were – too flat to hold liquid or fruit. Also they were spinning at various rates into spirals.

The vision faded, but the puzzle remained, and still does. I related these discs to crop circles which I have visited every year in Wiltshire. I consulted an occult in Glastonbury who told me she had seen fine golden discs when she was nine years old and these contained teachings.

I imagined primitive islanders before the coming of Westerners finding a ship-wrecked traveller who might have rescued his wind-up gramophone and some records. When saved by a passing ship he would leave the islanders a record but kept the gramophone.

The priests and wise women on the island would try everything to hear the heavenly singing and orchestra again from the record, but get no results. The gramophone record would be reverently honoured on their altar, hopefully presented with worship and prayers.

Are we like those islanders with all our evolving science? We are very clever, but we are like a deaf race left with the score of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. They could draw equations, numerical and calculus, and create theories from the Score – but would never hear the music.

Such a disc could be held over the heart…. Or used to open doors by pressing a right place…But I believe that only by inspired consciousness shall we find the Unveiled Isis. But where is our disc? When Isis is unveiled, both space and time change into a wider sphere – a greater spiral. We are living in one room in a mighty Temple, surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and trees. And friends we have long forgotten. Each of us has Awakening at a different time and place – and yet in all time we are there already.

The nice thing about mystical experience is that it is always unexpected. That is the Divine Surprise.

(Reflections articles are included here at the request of Olivia Robertson. Our thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding these each quarter.)

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