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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson

Isian News Issue 143
Olivia Robertson
photo © 2009 M.Q.

Click on the blue speaker to hear Olivia read this article:
(mp3 / 9:44 min / 2.2 mb) Listen to this article

“The Enchanted Doorway"
"The Greater Comprehends the Lesser: The Lesser is Part of the Greater."

I expect like so many of you who are beset by a multitude of Causes to protest about, you long for a respite! One is reminded of the words of the Cabalistic ‘Zohar’, “God did not banish humanity from Paradise. Humanity banished God.” So sometimes, when we are wearied of battling against child abuse, cruelty to animals, destruction of wild-life, we may not fight evil with its own weapons – force, exposure, the Army, The Law – but with good.

I liked the Sermon on the Mount, turning the other cheek, forgiving enemies, but thought it didn’t work. Valiantly I maintained my pacifism even in the Battle of Britain when I was a nurse – but later gave it up as the onslaught of exposure of atrocities multiplied. Then we fought factory farming and the wanton destruction of nature, with our pens and voices. I gave up being a vegetarian when I found the origin of apparently innocent food stuffs and chose Organics.

I sided with those New Agers who had a placard conveniently by the front door, blazoned with the brave words “I PROTEST” – leaving a space for the particular evil to be attacked in a demonstration.

But how were we to be happy ourselves? Were we to await death and ‘Rapture’? Not for Protesters. After death we then had to do Rescue Work, saving souls trapped in various challenging environments once called Hells. Some of us signed the Bodhisattva Oath, electing to stay on in various hells until all beings were saved – rescuing them with the Light. But, as one Teacher said to me: “I’m expected to stay in hell forever – or as long as it takes – but this is not possible. I sit perfectly happily on a sunny day, drinking a glass of beer – next to a man in hell. He is going through the torture of jealousy. I can’t help being happy. I’m in Heaven where I sit. He is in the same place but cannot feel the warmth of the sun, hear the laughter of people drinking at little tables, the song of blackbirds, or smell the scent of lime flowers. One is in Heaven. One is in Hell. Each must choose. We can be helped, but truly, we are expected to save ourselves through the way we live.”

I did notice that this man, when he sat anywhere, brought serenity with him. Some saw light around him, and shared in the peace and light. He never preached at them but would talk easily if approached.

Here evil was eliminated, not by terrified conspiracy theories, not by moral indignation, protest or violence. Where he lived was Heaven.

The secret, I believe, rests in our attitude to time. Forever is now. Our beginning in evolutionary progress is contained in the greater reality of our cosmic origin. Within us we have the seed of immortality – the jewel within the heart of the lotus. Our great adventure is like a traveller, making our way through the beautiful, awe-inspiring infinity growing in wisdom and love. We choose our roles in various lives.

My way is through the extending of my earthly senses to psychic awareness. For me this was the awakening of vision. My gift was developed in group through enhancing eidetic imagery – pictures seen in the mind’s eye. I was surprised to see how quickly this happened. I remembered knowing George Russell, the Irish mystic, “AE,” and I respected his description of the development of the most advanced mystic experience.

In my case the eidetic imagery started humorously, with cartoon characters, in two dimensions. I remember a canoe full of Native Americans with feathers, capsizing and then swimming ashore. I enjoyed a procession of animals queuing up at a food counter, being served by a lion with a white apron. The colours were extraordinarily brilliant. I felt my invisible teachers were laughing at me in a kindly way.

I was told that the next stage would be a 3 dimensional scene, and that I would learn to go into the scene. This was heralded by what was called “beds of tulips”, like Muslim designs. But then I got my first realistic picture – a little girl in a red dress, on a balcony of a French chateau. I could enter if I chose but needed to create a doorway to get out again!

My friend Melita Denning and I once enjoyed an aerial trip to Switzerland while sitting in her flat in Hampstead. What we did was to turn on the television and then obliterate the picture, so we just had the electric power which helped. We visited a spiritual centre there, far from the “Cuckoo-Clock” image of that country.

Clairaudience comes unexpectedly for me but very strong. I think the way this happens is by slowing down thought. My brother, Lawrence, versed in these matters as was his wife Pamela, said that telepathy came through the stillness between our thoughts. I have experienced telepathy with spirit beings that was as clear as earthly speech.

I notice that many so-called scientific authors have power of the mind – but leave out the heart. For instance I love reading Utopian novels by brilliant writers but notice the heartlessness of the so-called supermen held up for admiration. I think this comes because the mind with its logical workings and telepathy of thought needs balancing by empathy. The seat of empathy is not up in the head. It glows in the solar plexus and the womb. It resembles a wild rose which reigns in every heart and grows in the darkness, until it is drawn forth by the descending light.

The two pillars of light and darkness lead to the inner Heaven concealed around us. It is the blending of the two Powers, truth and love, that create the cosmos. The Fates weave the shining rays of light and darkness and so produce their work of Art; the tapestry of Creation. Increasingly, as we develop, we join in this weaving and help to create our own destiny. This why we fell from the divine realm of Perfection – in order to find our own way back home, bringing with us what we have gained, our own individual gifts.

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(Reflections articles are included here at the request of Olivia Robertson. Our thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding these.)

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