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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson

Isian News Issue 134

Olivia Robertson
photo © 2009 M.Q.

Click on the blue speaker to hear Olivia read this article:
(mp3 / 9:44 min / 2.1 mb) Listen to this article


Awakening comes unpredictably, when it chooses! Hours of meditation, prolonged exercises, repetitions, affirmations, may lead nowhere, save for confused breathing and muscular aches… My own experiences have always come unexpectedly, with no stimulants. I have noticed there are various levels in enhanced consciousness.

There is the happy “Summerland” adventure! I see tapestry on our walls shake and the pictures become real. I go to the garden and it is in another wider space and time – luminous – strangely coloured – and each blade of grass, every daisy – each weed is an emblem of some greater reality. Our world is a picture book of a greater sphere of being.

I have a feeling that I am out-growing such sweetness and bliss – this harmony with every person and creature. The change is a sudden influx of mind and spirit. Here I am aware of evil – but this is part of a whole web of life that has a meaning. I once saw why a boat was capsized in the ocean, with everyone on board drowned. It was not an accident. There was a connecting link between destiny and each person. In this state of mind there are no accidents. All has purpose. Evil is but the unreal shadow of the real, created for us to grow as individuals – not just obedient spirits.

The final stage for me was to awaken from pure mind and spirit and to be aware of Love and Truth in brilliant colours. In this state every heart beat in the cosmos is inter-related – whether star or plant – all. Without this flow no brilliance of Spirit can exist.

My own dedication came from sudden awareness of identity with the White Light of Isis, a shining silver-white feminine figure with wide shining lightning flashes extending from either side of her head – that encompassed the stars. So I learnt that without Truth, Love becomes dissipated. I have always received inspiration from Those outside myself. I received the teaching: “Approach Truth with courage: Love with humility.”

Divine reality pervades every being. I learnt to honour the truth in all faiths and philosophies. To accept Deity in each creature and atom, I felt the love within all born of The Great Mother of All.

I write this to bring hope, as every psychic person is aware that the year 2012 is not only the year of the London Olympics, but the culmination of Mayan and other apocalyptic prophecies. I have myself been guided to the sacred mesas of the Hopi Indians. I have met the sage Little Dan who has passed into Spirit recently, aged 105. With respect I have received Hopi prophecies from Elders. And I had the honour of introducing them to a Japanese Priestess. She declared that they were cousins of the Japanese.

I had never heard of the Mayans in 1952 when I received a vision of a copper-coloured Goddess, seated cross-legged across the sky like a copper sun. She had straight black hair and a profile I later recognised as South American. But again – unexpectedly – a Priestess of Isis took me to Yucatan, 40 years later, where I witnessed archaeologists unearthing an ancient Mayan Temple in Coba, built prior to Aztec and Toltec invasions. I received communication from Priests of the ancient faiths of South America now revived. I was informed: “The pyramids are working once more, cleansed of memory of evil practices. The faith is reborn, as are our Priestesses and Priests.”

The fascinating city of New Orleans provided me with wonderful practices of Voodoo, now revived to be a form of Spiritualism, where a helpful relationship is established with benign spirits from Spirit Spheres. I received a prophecy – this time in Ireland, in our Temple of Isis. The Great African Goddess Yemaya came to prophesy the coming of the hurricane Katrina, which later devastated the city. She declared. “I am not an executioner.” We give ourselves, our fellow beings and the Mother Earth fatal injuries: We are not punished when we act in an evil way: We punish ourselves. We are our own executioners. But in our human evolution we also bring about our own divine rebirth.

Sixty years ago I received prophecy from the Madonna. My latest prophetic message came in my 90th year. It was given with vision from the Goddess of the fires within the earth: Pele in Hawaii.

So what do I feel about that which is to come? We may hope. If we in truth dedicate ourselves to any good work we feel called to do, all will not only be well, but unimaginably beautiful. I end with the words of Golden Eagle, a native American Chief, who was inspired by the Golden Eagle of the four sacred Kerubim: He came in our Temple of Isis, through an entranced Priest: “I don’t know what you are all so frightened about! I can find only one word to describe what is to come: “Magnificent!”

(Our thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding this from Olivia.)

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