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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis
Founding and Managing an Iseum

           Iseum Founders sponsor members for new Iseums.

           Any member of the Fellowship of Isis may found an Iseum. The founder does not need to be a member of the FOI Priesthood, however it is recommended that s/he be a member for a reasonable period of time and familiar with the FOI's Liturgy and structure.

           If the new founder is also a FOI Adept, s/he is qualified to bring others through the Initiate Level system. An Iseum administrator may also provide Priesthood training if s/he is ordained within the FOI.

Initiation into a FOI Iseum:
            Initiation into a Fellowship of Isis Iseum is given through the rite of "Flamma Vestae", either in person or through attunement. (PDF / HTML) This ritual may also be found in the online book Panthea, or in the Iseum Manual section of the FOI Compendium.

Creating a curriculum:
            Iseums with Administrators who are 4th Level Adepti may teach the Initiate Level System, leading to Adepthood within the Spiral of the Adepti. The dedicatory Goddess, or Goddess and God, manifest particular attributes of the Deities associated with the Iseum. Therefore there is no set curriculum for the Spiral of the Adepti. The preceptors, through direct inspiration from their particular Deity, produce their own original training program. One linking factor between all Adepti programs of study is that they are based on the FOI Iseum Liturgy, written by Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder.

Acceptance of Initiate Levels:
            Once a program of study is complete, the student has an opportunity to attain an Initiate Level through enactment of a corresponding Initiate Drama. Adepti confer Initiate Levels in the manner that they accept a member's experience of Divine Awareness once received during the ritual. For full guidelines, please see the section Initiate Level Guidelines.

Sponsoring & registering a new Adept:
            An Adept may train and sponsor another member as an Adept. Once the requirements are met (a minimum of 4 Initiate Levels achieved through appropriate course and ritual work), the new Adept chooses a Specialty and is consecrated through the FOI ritual: Consecration of an Adept. (pdf  / html)

            This ritual may also be found in the Iseum section of the Online Liturgy, or in the Iseum Manual section of the FOI Compendium. It may be performed either in person or through attunement with the training Adept. (Please note, this is not an ordination rite. Attaining Priesthood with the Fellowship is a separate program and more information may be found here: FOI Ordination.)

            A FOI certificate is issued, along with an Iseum certificate if the new Adept does not already have one. The final step is to register the new appointment (and new Iseum). The new Adept may then teach the Iseum Initiate Level system.

Sponsoring & registering a new Iseum:
            Iseum Founders sponsor other members for their own Iseums. A FOI certificate is issued and the new Iseum is then registered with the FOI.

For more information see the appropriate section below:

General Information on Iseums

Iseum Initiate Level System

Applying to an Iseum

Guidelines for all Centers

FOI Priesthood Training

Iseum Publications

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