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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis
The difference between Lyceums and Iseums

There is a sometimes confusion between these two terms, so we offer this page for clarity:


The purpose of a Lyceum is to provide structured Magi Degree courses. Lyceums are always founded by an FOI Hierophant. A Hierophant is someone who has attained at least 4 Magi Degrees and been certified by another Hierophant. As the purpose of studying with a Lyceum is to attain Magi Degrees, members only study with one Lyceum at a time. More about Lyceums


Iseums are "Hearths of the Goddess" within the Fellowship and they can have many purposes. They may offer initiations, celebratory rites, various teachings, and overall fellowship to their members. It is up to the Founder to decide what intent their Iseum will have.

Any member of the Fellowship of Isis may found an Iseum. The founder does not need to be a member of the FOI Priesthood, however it is recommended that s/he be a member for a reasonable period of time and familiar with the FOI's Liturgy and structure.

There is a separate training system for Iseums - it is called the Initiate Level system. However, Iseums are not required to offer courses in it (like Lyceums are). Only Iseum founders who are also Adepti teach this system. Members may join as many Iseums at a time as they wish, however they may only study Initiate Levels with one Iseum at a time.

You do not have to be an Adept or Priest/ess to found an Iseum. Any member may found their own Iseum by following the FOI requirements. More about Iseums

See also Olivia Robertson's letter written when she was creating the "Spiral of the Adepti", for her insights: 1999 Letters

FOI Priesthood Training

Both a Lyceum or an Iseum may offer Priesthoood training, as long as the administrator is ordained with the Fellowship of Isis. It is done by an Iseum when the Magi Degree system is not a part of the training program. More about FOI Priesthood

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