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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Spiral of the Adepti
Iseum Initiate Level System

           In 1999, Olivia Roberson created the Spiral of the Adepti and the Initiate Level System. You can read her announcement of it here: Brigantia 2000 Isian News, and read the formative ideas from her letters on this page: Beginning of the Adepthood

           The Spiral of the Adepti is not a path to ordination with the Fellowship of Isis. The FOI Priesthood has its own separate requirements and study program, which you may find here: FOI Priesthood.

           Instead, the Adepthood was developed for those who may not wish to be an FOI Priest/ess, yet still feel called to be in service to the Goddess in a more secular capacity. Members of the Spiral of the Adepti are not ordained, but consecrated through the ritual of "Consecration of an Adept" (pdf  / html), which allows the Candidate to dedicate their individual Specialty to the Goddess.

Olivia Robertson wrote:
           "The Spiral is the basic form of the galaxies. Spirals swirl within our own bodies. It is the circle in motion, ascending and descending the spheres. There are those who are not drawn to the Pyramid, the sacred geometry of a structured degree course. The very words such followers of the Rainbow Iris vary from those used in a college. They prefer the word “initiation” to “degree”, “Adepti” rather than “Magi.” Therefore they are attracted to a course that combines Hermes with Iris: thought with emotion. Rather than attending a University, they sign on for Art Schools, crafts workshops and spiritual courses based on revelation rather than information."

           “Thus the FOI Spiral of the Adepti came into being through imagination of those who sought to bring it into being. Instead of the rigid zodiac, they wanted to relate to Orion and Sirius and the Great Bear – the non-zodiac constellations. Instead of performing set mysteries in a classical style, they enjoy magical journeying – realization of the pleasure they receive through reading occult and fantasy novels. Apart from such flights of the soul, they also wish to join in with the Pagan festivals that were practised for thousands of years all over the world. Up to now there has been no such courses which combine so many dreams! If the College of Isis may be linked with Mercury and the Sun, the Spiral of the Adepti moves deosil through the sky, waxes and wanes, and is a mysterious and unpredictable as a cat.”

(Quotes from the Iseum Manual section of the FOI Compendium)

The FOI Adepti:
           Members of the Spiral of the Adepti are Founders of their own Iseums and have declared a Specialty to a particular Goddess (or Goddess and God). Some examples of specialties are: healing, aromatherapy, dreamwork, astrology, geomancy, oracles, etc. An Adept has gained at least four Initiate Levels of their own from previous study with an Iseum, and is qualified to bring other members through the Initiate Level system.

           Iseum Adepts within the Spiral of the Adepti may offer structured Initiate Level courses in the FOI liturgy, either in person or through home-study courses. Unlike the FOI Magi Degree system in which Lyceums are required to provide instruction, Iseums are not required to provide instruction in the Initiate Level system. It is simply a choice for Adepti to include in their Iseum work as they see fit. (Lyceum & Iseum definitions)

           Adepts are consecrated through the FOI ritual "Consecration of an Adept." (pdf version  / html version) This rite is performed either in person or through attunement with the training Adept.

The Cosmic Web

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Initiate Level System:
           There are 33 Initiate Levels total: 32 working Levels, with the 33rd relating to spontaneous mystical awakening and kept as a private initiation. Each Iseum provides its own program of study, either in person or through correspondence, culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The rites are based upon the 33 intersecting points made by the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat. More information may be found on these pages:

A summary of the FOI Cosmic Web of the Universe

"Quick Key" to the Cosmic Web for the Spiral of Adepti Level System

           Under guidance of the Iseum preceptor, FOI members enact the Fellowship rites in the order most helpful to her or his own chosen path. The taking of an Initiate Level lies with the member and may involve months or years. The number of Initiate Levels acquired in no way has any bearing upon a member's status within the Fellowship of Isis. Each member is given equal honor and privileges. Initiate Levels are simply a way for an individual to chart a path for their own personal growth and to keep track of their spiritual progress. (See the section: Inititate Level Guidelines for more information.)

            The Initiate Level system and the Spiral of the Adepti was solely created by Olivia Robertson. The placement of the rituals in the Cosmic Web - as with all the other degree systems - was given to Olivia through the inspiration of Isis. Those members who have difficulty with the order of the rituals in the Quick Key are welcome to arrange them to suit their own preferences.

Iseum Liturgy:
           Each Iseum Adept provides her/his own original program of study culminating in a rite of the below Liturgy. The Sources of the Liturgy, given at the end of each rite, are from ancient texts ranging from India, China, Egypt and Europe, to America and Africa. These form part of recommended reading.

Dea (Rites 1-7)
Panthea (All rites)
Psyche (All rites)
Isis & Osiris: The Judgment (PDF)

Consecration of an Adept: PDF Version  /  HTML Version

Spiral of the Adepti Designations:
Adept: (plural: Adepti) Spiral of the Adepti preceptors. Adepti are Founder/Administrators of an Iseum who have achieved at least 4 Initiate Levels and declared a particular specialty (or specialties) in service to the Goddess. Examples of specialties are: healing, aromatherapy, dreamwork, astrology, geomancy, oracles, etc. An Adept is qualified to bring Candidates & Initiates through the 32 Initiate Levels and to consecrate another member as an Adept.

Initiate: A FOI member who has obtained at least one Initiate Level with an Iseum.

Candidate: A FOI member studying to obtain an Initiate Level with an Iseum.

The Spiral of the Adepti: The total number of Adepti within the Fellowship of Isis.

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Applying to an Iseum

Founding and Managing an Iseum

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