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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Photo Gallery
The High Altar of the Fellowship of Isis

       "Facing the two pillars is the high altar upon which stands a carved elm figure of Isis, carved by David aged 15. It is flanked by 4 candle sticks with a little lamp in front and an African figure on each side. It is within a baldequin, the former brass tabernacle cover from Bunclody Church. The altar-table came originally from the old Chapel. Flowers, either artificial, or natural, often given as gifts, are placed on either side of the altar. (Quote from the Guide to Clonegal Castle by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.)

       The Isis statue stands in the center of the High Altar, and balances a pitcher of water on Her head in the tradition of a Goddess for the Aquarian age. She is two-foot tall and lightly gilded. The baldequin forms a golden canopy and a Marian crown, originally from a church shrine to the Virgin Mary, tops this altar. The throne to the left of the High Altar is early Venetian, and used by the Oracle Priestess during ritual. It is made up of a winged lion above and Green Man below. The "Windows of Eternity" are stained glass, with mirror niches in order to view Infinity. The High Altar is the main focus for ritual activity in the Temple.

January 2011: High Altar Update

Egyptian Passage - Left of Sanctuary
Egyptian Passage
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

To High Altar through Pillars
photo © 2007 M.Q.

Approaching High Altar from Egyptian Passage
Approaching High Altar from Egyptian Passage
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

High Altar Temple & Windows of Eternity
High Altar Temple & Windows of Eternity
photo © 1994 Ashera

Updated High Altar - January 2011
Updated High Altar
photo © M.Q.
(Click to view larger size)

Olivia Robertson as Oracle
Olivia as Oracle
photo © N. Daly

The High Altar 2008
The High Altar
photo © 2008 M.Q.

The High Altar - Detail
High Altar Detail
photo © 2008 M.Q.

High Altar
The High Altar
photo © Ashera

Early Venetian Throne
Early Venetian Throne
photo © P. Cummins

(Pyramid stores sacred objects)
photo © N. Daly & FOI Homepage

Lighted Altar
Lighted High Altar
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

Carved Isis Statue
Carved Isis Statue
(Carved by David Durdin-Robertson)
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

Maat Tapestry, Left of High Altar
Maat Tapestry
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

Three Maidens Tapestry, Right of High Altar
3 Maidens Tapestry
(Windows of Eternity on right)
photo © O. Robertson (cropped/enhanced by this site)

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Copyright Notice: The photos on this website have been generously donated by the Durdin-Robertson family and FOI friends. They are always credited by name when we know who took the photo, otherwise they are noted as "copyright Olivia Robertson". Many have been cropped and digitally enhanced by this website. Please do not reproduce. All copyrights reserved. Thank you.

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