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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Oracle of Dana
By Olivia Robertson

From: Isis of Fellowship, How the FOI was Founded
& the DCD Manual

Invocation of Dana:
Beautiful Goddess Dana,
Whose radiance permeates our starry skies,
Mother of us all,
Bring us the happiness for which we seek.

Drawing of Dana by Olivia
© O. Robertson

Oracle of Dana:

My dear children, the happiness you strive to attain is all around you, when you see, and hear, and feel! Too often the discipline of man-made rules stifle your own natural joy, which can be seen on the smiling faces of those you term "mentally deficient." My happiness is in bird-song, the rush of a river, the roar of the salty ocean. It is carried by strong winds and rain, and the majesty of the constellations is my veil.

Hear my warning. You are turning your children into walking computers. The accumulation of facts, combined with instilled ignorance about spiritual life, is breaking the living network which unites heaven with earth. You study how to live longer, and in so doing lose your immortality. Skeptics, immune from divine joy, attempt to destroy the faith of others, to gain companionship in negation.

It is not My wish that the mind should be put aside in favour of blind faith. I call upon you with clear intellect to develop your innate psychic gifts. You, who have these gifts I appeal to, that you may validate these with intellectual discrimination. So will you all achieve that balance of mind and heart, that will bring you enjoyment of your immortality.

If you could only penetrate the veil of Nature, you would find yourselves already in the Land of Heart's Desire. Your friends await you there. And so do I.

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