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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Clan Donnachaidh - Robertson
Barony of Strathloch

Olivia Robertson shares:
            "I enclose two photos of the Coat of Arms of the Barony of Strathloch, conferred on my brother by the Chief Herald of Ireland at Dublin Castle. In case people query the very basis of our Gaelic (Scota II) claim and the Barony with its court, which is the ground of the Order of Tara - I feel both these documents are important. Only a Baron can have Supporters. Derry chose of course 2 mermaids (proper) as Robertsons came from the Orkney Islands - having left Ireland.

            Validation is important and these are the original parchment documents which I photographed myself. They have, alas moved the Chief Herald of Ireland's office out of the historical Dublin Castle, so these are among the last issued from there by the late Chief Herald Gerald Slevin. I think the Coat of Arms, painted by the Herald's official Artist (Mrs. O'Shea) looks like Isis and Nepthys at either end of the prone Osiris. He represents the "Chained Man" captured by the Robertsons to benefit James I of Scotland - but the Chained Man is held to be a great honour to have on your arms. Why? I believe it is a disguised representation of the Horned God with his ivy binding hands and feet. The sacrificed Green Man. They were up to all sorts in ancient Scotland. The ladies would be Melusine who had a reptilian tail and a Selkie Seal-maiden." (Sept. 9, 1999)

Coat-of-Arms Motto:
Ramis Micat Radix
"The root glitters in its branches"

Charter © Baron of Strathloch
Please do not reproduce.

            "The Chained Man Proper (i.e. naked) was given by James to the Robertsons of the day for catching a Rebel. . .Note Derry's Supporters - Mer-women. As we are descended from Lady Godiva who rode through Coventry naked they are suitable. Goda is the female equivalent for God in Saxon." (Jan. 3, 2000)

Coat-of-Arms © Baron of Strathloch
Please do not reproduce.

Additional Note: Alexander Reid, younger son of John Reid, styled 4th Baron of Strathloch, assumed the name of Robertson, at the same time as his elder brother John Reid, styled 5th Baron Rua of Strathloch, who in 1567, m. his cousin Marjory, dau. of John Robertson of Lude, and thereupon assumed the name of Robertson, and was ancestor of the succeeding barons Rua (a title which continued to be borne until this, the elder line, became extinct in 1807), and also of the Robertsons of Cray and of West and East Bleaton.

"History of the Landed Gentry in Ireland"
By Sir Bernard Burke, C.B., LL.D., 1899.

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