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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

The Changing Faces of the Temple
From Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick
June 13, 2011

Photo taken by Minette Quick on June 9, 2011. Commentary by Olivia Robertson and Minette.

"Olivia has surpassed herself – it appears that the work of the Goddess in the Temple was not yet complete for this season! MQ."

Butterfly Psyche
© M.Q.

Window Between Aquarius & Pisces
Here we have The Butterfly of Psyche in copper-work with a huge image of The Bee Queen, two carved images of The Nature Spirits of Day & Night preside.

Shrine of Aries
© M.Q.

Aries: Isis & Gaea as Nature Spirits
Palu Irish Cat Goddess. Carved by David Durdin Robertson. He had begun to paint her blue – OR completed it. She is between an African wood-carving of a Giraffe, and a picture on slate of Etaine & Midir, Irish Nature Sidhe by OR. Behind him is an African animal hanging on cloth.

Shrine of Cancer
© M.Q.

Shrine of Cancer
White statue of Juno with pictures of a Peacock Angel, Moon Deities & a lot of real Peacock feathers. Below is a richly coloured piece of appliqué work representing the Spider Goddess Arachne.

Shrine of Leo
© M.Q.

Shrine of Leo
Lady & the Lion painted by OR. Carving of a Woman in Yew Wood by David D-R. Images of Sekhmet & Amon Ra. A Pekinese dog, head & image of elephant, appliqued Egyptian geese. To the left is a painting on cloth by OR of the Princess SCOTA, above a full length Egyptian dress.

Isis on Mirror

Shrine of Isis
© M.Q.

Isis in the Shrine of the Mirror of Osiris. First full-face portrait of Isis by OR!
Painted on glass, with a coloured background in a painted wooded shrine, Her Shrine is below that of the painted veil of Osiris over a circular mirror. Above is Nepthys painted on stone. She is always portrayed above the head of Osiris, Isis at his feet.

"When I returned the next day (10.06.2011) Olivia had just completed a full length portrait of Hathor that very morning, and made some other additions as she explains below….. MQ."

© M.Q.

Message from Olivia

"After painting Isis, it came to me that there was no clear expression to help others understand the very meaning of the Goddess. So I found myself painting Hathor and adding the flowers and fruits of the Earth to each figure, providing food, beauty and abundance to all.

I realise now that Isis is revealing Herself, through the changing faces of Her Temple, withdrawing Her Veil, not all at once, but Shrine by Shrine according to the Zodiac periods.”

Shrine of Anthrosphinx
© M.Q.

Shrine of The Anthrosphinx of Sekhmet, Bast, Ra.
This was comprised of the Zodiac Houses of Leo to Virgo. The climax was the Egyptian Harvest with the inundation of the Nile. So Hathor Goddess of Love & Abundance is shown giving a cornucopia of food to the hungry, Humans, a Lion and a Tiger. Fruit is shown given by the Deities, Sekhmet, Bast & Ra.

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