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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

The Changing Faces of the Temple
Paintings by Olivia Robertson - Photographer Minette Quick
May 3, 2012

Studio of Olivia Robertson, Clonegal Castle

2 Brigid of Joy
© M.Q.

Painting on material by OR
of Goddess Brigid of Joy
With Boy & Girl Sidhe.

Triple Earl of Rosse
© M.Q.

Portrait of Ancestor of Nora Parsons, Olivia’s Mother,
The 1st Earl of Rosse, head of the family
He introduced Freemasonry to Ireland.

Robert Manning
© M.Q.

Portrait of Robert Manning 1771-1857
Ancestor of Olivia’s Father, Manning Robertson
He published a book addressed as follows:
“Dear Friends, You millions of the human race – Let us Love One Another”
He then listed all the genocidal atrocities committed by world religions.
As this included Christianity,
The Manning Robertson family burnt every copy save one.
Olivia found this in a secret drawer as a young woman, and felt overwhelmed
at being addressed in this way by her ancestor.
As she rightly says, we have all been given this message many times
But somehow, sadly, we’ve never got round to it…..
She is honoured to finally pass on his heartfelt message
“It’s taken a long, long time.” She says. “But better late than never.”
His is the central message of the Fellowship and of the Goddess.

Barbara St. Leger
© M.Q.

My Great, Great, Great Ancestress,
Barbara St. Leger 1748-1820, married Alexander Durdin.
My paternal grandmother was Helen Durdin.
Barbara’s cousin Elizabeth St. Leger of Doneraile Court
Was famous as the only woman Freemason
who practised the Craft all her life.

Baron of Strathloch Arms
© M.Q.

Painting of the Arms of the Scottish Barony of Strathloch
Revived and bestowed through the Irish Heraldic Office on
Lawrence Durdin Robertson
Painted by his Daughter, the Artist Anna Curry.

(Many thanks to Olivia and Minette.)

Other Historical Photos of Olivia's Family

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