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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

The Changing Faces of the Temple
Paintings by Olivia Robertson - Photographer Minette Quick
January 19, 2013

Changing Faces of the Temple 19.1.2013

© M.Q.
Youthful Persephone before the Doorway to the Mysteries
Temple of Isis, Clonegal

© M.Q.
Within the Mystic realm presided over by
Persephone as Queen of Hades
Statuette in terracotta of the Young Psyche
Facing the Mysteries with her Lantern.

Persephone Close-Up
© M.Q.
Close-up of Persephone
Uniting Stars, Earth, Sea,
The Heights & Depths

Shrine of Aries
© M.Q.
Above the Shrine of Aries
(Carved in bas-relief by David Durdin-Robertson)
The Goddess Nepthys of Nature, Blesses Africa
Facing the S.E. window
On the left is Her Son Anubis,
Jackal Guide of Souls
On the right is the Goddess Hathor of the Ka of the Soul

Isis Carving
© M.Q.
Isis of the New Aeon of Aquarius,
(Carved by David Durdin-Robertson)
With Watering pot on her head,
With Bast & Horus to her left & right.
The Rose Crystal at her feet shows
Her Love for All.

© M.Q.
The Sea Goddess Derceto
(Painted on Glass by Olivia Robertson)
Is Mediatrix between the Shrine of Pisces to the right,
And that of Aquarius to the left.
Spiral Sea Creature carved by David Durdin-Robertson

SE Window
© M.Q.
And above in
Chinese Dragon & Victorian flower paper weight
Over a hand-dyed silk sarong

Andromeda Shrine
© M.Q.
Shrine of Pisces
Gandarvi Devi in Yoga pose (came from Angkor Vat)
In the corner is the Shrine of Andromeda.
ORís ancestor Lord Rosse was first to find the Galaxy
In Andromeda which he called ďa firmament.Ē
Perseus is shown rescuing Andromeda
(Both paintings by OR)

Shrine of Aquarius
© M.Q.
Shrine of Aquarius
Painting on large Medallion by OR of
Amaterasu No Kami, Sun Goddess of Japan,
Carving in East of Cheetah
3 women with white painted faces of Deities
Are revealing mystic scroll.
(Obtained by OR in Japan)

(Our ongoing thanks to Olivia and Minette!)

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