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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

The Changing Faces of the Temple
Paintings by Olivia Robertson - Photographer Minette Quick
November 26, 2012

For Global Sites:
Celebration of the New Aeon
At Foundation Centre & Glastonbury, 2012

1. Glastonbury, Samhain 29th October, Full Moon.
The Hilaria as Isis Awakens Osiris. So Joy is with us all.
Glastonbury–Isis of Avalon–ArchpriestessCelia Thomas.

2. Temple of Isis, Clonegal, 17th November, New Moon
Finding our own Key to the Mystic Gateway.

3. The Lifting of the Veil of the Statue of Isis
By Her Priestess & Priest at the Winter Solstice 2012

4. Hope for the new Aeon

Changing Faces of the Temple 26.11.2012

2 Awakening Osiris
© M.Q.
Awakening of Osiris. Altar of Ishtar, Star Chapel
Temple of Isis, Clonegal

Rising Star
© M.Q.
Mirror painting of Osiris & His Son,
The Younger Horus.
Rising Star*

Granite Gateway
© M.Q.
Granite Gateway to Castle Dungeon,
Now Cave of the Mothers.
Isis Awakens Osiris.

Two Pillars
© M.Q.
The Gateway to other Spheres.
Two pillars, Taurus & Aquarius
Before Gateway to:
Shrine of Nephthys, Goddess of Nature
(Shrine of Aries)

Veiled Isis
© M.Q.
Unveiling of Isis of the New Aeon of Aquarius
As the Door Opens at the Winter Solstice
Ailish O’Flaherty
(Grand-daughter of Grace O’Malley – Pirate Queen of Connaught
Also known as ‘Granuaile’- pronounced Granya Whale)
was the 1st Lady to live at the Castle.
She left the Ghost of her White Cat.

Isis & Hathor
© M.Q.
Painting on glass of Isis Crowned and Her Daughter, the Younger Hathor.
(ISIS helped, we think, with the unexpected appearances of not only the
*Shining Rising Star of Horus – but also
The Moon & Sun discs above and behind Her Head!)

(Our gratitude to Olivia and Minette for sending these updates!)

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Letters from Olivia

© Copyright
All Rights Reserved.