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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Summer Solstice 2008
By: Minette Quick

It was a wild, wet, windy day for the Castle celebrations of the Summer Solstice, but the Temple was full to capacity with our members and their guests. Everything was filmed by a very sympathetic crew from the UK who were genuinely moved by the ceremony and loved the impromptu play with which we always start the day's events in the old Barn Theatre across the yard at the rear of the main building. Here Olivia wrote and performed in plays with her siblings as a child. Nowadays she regales us first with the latest horrific plot which the 'baddies' have dreamed up to destroy the world and remove the people from the influence of the Gods and make themselves 'loads of money' their ultimate aim, of course!

Over the years we have developed from shrinking violets to spirited and vocal participants, and much fun is had as the Gods and Goddesses protest, the goodies grow in strength and conspire to overthrow all wickedness with their spirituality and inventiveness! All ends in a spiral dance with everyone present, accompanied by cheerful chants sung by all. Afterwards in the Temple, invocations are made by the Priesthood and Blessings of the Goddess with water from the Well, are shared with all and many hearts are touched by the personal messages which individuals are surprised and delighted to receive from those giving the Blessings.

Druid Well
Chapel of Brighid ~ Druid Well

This being the Summer Solstice, two members of the Priesthood were invited to perform the Midsummer Marriage Rite which is solemnised every year, often with people who have never met before! However as Lady Olivia explained, this is a Rite which does not bind the participants. Together they create a powerful Sun Blessing which they offer to the world with their personal intentions. This year these were for co-operation and love. Lady Olivia's guided journey took us on a journey to the Fates and to the very centre of the Universe. Many people stayed to receive healing and counselling, before repairing to the Village for tea and lots of enjoyable conversations with new and old friends.

Minette Quick is the Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid

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