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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

"The Beginning of the New Aeon”
Imbolc Festival at Foundation Centre
Febrary 6th, 2010
By: Minette Quick

The evening before the Festival I was invited to visit the Temple to see what Lady Olivia had specially prepared to herald the Beginning of the New Aeon. Every altar now had a Goddess sculpture as well as a painting. She had pointed out that whereas paintings are portals to other dimensions, sculptures, such as her nephew David Durdin-Robertson’s figure of Isis at the heart of the Temple, have power to intrude into the 3 dimensional world, hence the fear of ‘idols’. Sensing her excitement, I walked carefully down the stone steps, wondering what awaited me! The depth, purity and clarity of the energy which greeted me was palpable and I was stunned by the Beauty and Presence of the three Veiled Goddesses within the Temple, Brigid, Kwan Yin and the Mighty Isis at the High Altar.

Within the Gateway, there was the Goddess Brigid, the soft silk of her veil draped down exquisitely over Her Well.

Brigid Veiled

To the left of the High Altar, The Great and Compassionate Goddess Kwan Yin was also Veiled but her face was unhidden, her benevolent gaze resting upon the earth and all its creatures at her feet.

Kuan Yin Veiled

But at the High Altar, Her Presence enhanced beneath Her Veil in a halo of luminous violet, stood the magnificent figure of the Goddess Isis, as I had never seen her before.

Isis Veiled

We had a beautiful gathering of people from all over Ireland attending the Festival, many visiting for the first time. Following the traditional short impromptu play in the Barn Theatre directed by Lady Olivia, the company processed to the Temple in the Castle.

As all gathered around the Well for the Invocations by twelve Priestesses and Priests, the atmosphere was exquisite. Everyone received an individual Blessing from the Goddess for the New Aeon and first Brigid and then later Isis was unveiled. We had a beautiful Oracle of Ishtar, followed by other lovely Ceremonies including an inspired mystical meditation – however, any description of these outer manifestations could never evoke the magical flow of loving energy which pervaded the whole company, and which everyone spoke of later with great happiness and contentment. Afterwards many people queued for healing and counselling from the Priesthood in the various Chapels. The Goddess came to Her Temple to meet the needs of each one, to help them on their way.

Then it was straight down to the warmth of Osborne’s, the 18th Century Coaching Inn in the village, for a delicious home made tea, and good companionship. As we relaxed and chatted, the glorious rays of the Inner Sun arose, and were passed from one to another. Some had experienced its warmth and wonder before, but for some it was a new and amazing experience. It was a fitting end to a lovely day.

Minette Quick is the Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid - our thanks to her for this beautiful account and photos.

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