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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

In memory of Elizabeth ‘Bizzie’ Hickey (nee Hallinan)
born July 3rd 1933 – died March 25th 2019
Priestess of Selene

Bizzie was born in England, through her Dad’s people – The Hallinans – came from near Fermoy, Co. Cork.

She was the third in a family of five, and had two brothers and two sisters.

The onset of the second world war meant that Bizzie was sent early to a boarding School; a convent run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

After the war ended, the family settled back in Ireland, near Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

I first meet Bizzie when she was seventeen, and we were both lodging in Harry Bewick’s house, 51 Frankfort Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin.

Harry was the Mother of the artist Pauline Bewick and the three of us, Pauline, Bizzie and myself, were all first year students at the National College of Art, Dublin.

Pauline in her “Memoir” calls Bizzie a “Femme Fatale”, now the accepted model of female attractiveness in those days – late 1940’s, early ‘50’s was the healthy “girl-next-door” – look, like Doris Day or Bette Grable. Pauline and I fitted the bill well enough, but Bizzie was different.

Her beauty seemed mysterious and etherial. Even though, as she said herself, “she was a tall well built girl”, she gave an impression of grace and other worldliness.

Young men were fascinated by her seeming unattainability – they were chatting away to her one minute – and the next, she was gone, – vanished. This was not just a coquettish technique, she genuinely could not stand the pressure of their expectations – “their Agendas”, as she called it.

You might think, with all this wil-o-the wisp carry-on, that Bizzie might be tricky, unreliable person but such was not the case, she was always, loyal and honourable.

After a few years we all went our separate ways, and I hardly saw Bizzie for the next 16 years – though during that time she attended my wedding, and I attended hers to the architect and artist Patrick Hickey.

Bizzie did some modelling in London and after marriage lived in Italy for 6 months and then came back to Dublin.

She lived in the grounds of the famous director John Huston’s house in Galway for a year or so, as Pat Hickey was helping to renovate his home, St Clerans.

Bizzie gave birth to a daughter, Twinkie and adopted two more, Sharon and Joby, as she had problems bringing her pregnancies to term.

Later, she and her family spent lengths of time in the Isles of Greece, which was a wonderful experience for them.

When I and my family returned to Dublin in 1968 we just picked up from where we left off. It was through Bizzie and her sister Pat that I was enabled to buy 8 Ardenza Terrace, which became our family home and source of income for the next 45 years.

I introduced Bizzie to Olivia and the F.O.I. and she introduced me to the C.J. Jung Centre and their lectures on dreams.

It was during her time as priestess in the Fellowship of Isis that I felt Bizzie really came into her own and fulfilled the promise of her moon-maiden years.

Healing circles, goddess ceremonies, divination – especially in the Tarot, she was a lovely Tarot reader – interpretation of dreams and the psychic counselling, were all Bizzie’s natural habitat.

Her passing will be greatly missed, as she contributed so much to the ethos of the F.O.I., and by all her family and friends and clients who treasure their memories of her.

May her spirit hover over our Fellowship and may she be treading lightly over flowery Elysian fields.

Bizzie is survived by her three children, Twinkie, Sharon and Joby, and five grandsons.

By Patricia Griffin (nee Cahill),
Priestess of Áine, F.O.I. ordained 1983.
April 2019

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