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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis ~ Audio Gallery
Seasonal, Solar/Lunar & Zodiac

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson
Lawrence Durdin-Robertson
© The Occult Experience. Created with permission, all rights reserved.
Sounding the Bell Sounding the Bell

This section includes audio files of both Olivia (OR) and Lawrence (LDR) during various seasonal, solar/lunar and zodiac rites.


Olivia's Moon Goddess Experience (OR)
(6:46 min./1.5 mb - blog transcript)

Full Moon (OR)
(3:18 min./776 kb - blog transcript)

Land of the White Lady (OR)
(1:00 min./257kb - blog transcript)

Lunar Eclipse (OR)
(1:50 min./131kb - blog transcript)

Dark Moons of Winter (OR)
(:21 min./85kb - blog transcript)


Earth Blessing (OR)
(:34 min./137kb - blog transcript)

Imbolc - The Hydrophoria (LDR & OR)
(1:44 min./411kb - blog transcript)

The Athenaea - Vernal Equinox (LDR)
(:51 min./202kb - blog transcript)

Celebration of Spring - Sun in Aries - Part I (OR)
Celebration of Spring - Sun in Aries - Part II
(5 min. each/1mb each - transcript & photos)

Sun in Libra - Autumnal Equinox (LDR)
(1:05 min./255kb - blog transcript)

Libra of the Scales - Autumnal Equinox (OR)
(2:34 min./605kb - blog transcript)

Samhain Eve (LDR)
(:42 min./330kb - blog transcript)


Solar Eclipse (OR)
(1:36 min./379kb - transcript)

Rising of the Sun (LDR)
(:06 min./30kb)


Window of Libra (OR)
(5:30 min./1.25mb) - (blog transcript)

1) Window of Scorpio (OR)
(5:00 min./1mb) - (blog transcript)

2) Portal of Scorpio (OR)
(5:00 min./1.2mb) - (blog transcript)

Window of Sagittarius (OR)
(4:36 min./1 mb) - (blog transcript)

Mystery of Capricorn (OR)
(1:30 min./353kb - blog transcript)

Window of Capricorn (OR)
(2:12 min./517kb - blog transcript)

1) Mystery of Aquarius (OR)
(1:50 min./429kb - blog transcript)

2) Aquarius Meditation (OR)
(3:00 min./692kb - blog transcript)

The Window of Pisces (OR)
(6:44 min./1.5mb) - blog transcript)

(See Seasonal section above)

Mystery of Taurus (OR)
(3:00 min./709kb - blog transcript)

Mystery of Gemini (OR)
(3:16 min./765kb - blog transcript)

Mystery of Cancer (LDR)
(1:45 min./412kb) - (blog transcript)

Sun in Leo & Invocation of Sekhmet (OR)
(1:15 min./299kb) - (blog transcript)

Sun in Leo II (OR)
(50sec./198kb) - (blog transcript)

Window of Virgo (OR)
(7:00 min./1.62mb) - (blog transcript)

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© Copyright
All Rights Reserved.