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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Spiral of Alchemy
FOI Priesthood Alchemical Degree System

           In 2003, Olivia Robertson created the Spiral of Alchemy and the Alchemical Degree System. This is a program of study specifically for the FOI Priesthood in order to experience further transformation within themselves and in their personal Vocations to the Goddess. Once they are registered as ordained, Alchemy Degrees are then pursued by members of the FOI Priesthood who wish to discover the "Inner Sun" through Isis, Mother of the Sun. Olivia Robertson wrote about her experience with the Inner Sun:

           "In the year 2OOO at midnight during the Summer Solstice I saw in full consciousness a 'Sun.' On 6th September this 'Sun' - large, cheerful, slightly flushed - woke me up and burst in a sort of explosion from my body. On the eve of my departure for the USA , in full consciousness at night or rather early dawn, I saw an unearthly woman by my bed. She had hair like liquid gold cut in "petals" and wore a white robe slightly flushed with gold on a part of it. It was what she was doing that was so strange. She was striking a suspended very long crystal with a rod. As she did so, I observed a mighty transparent column on her left side, and within it, at the beautiful clear fairly high note she struck, spirals of golden "atoms" gyrated. This happening brought me in touch with the spiritual Alchemy taught by Kadea Metara. Another Alchemist told me that this Goddess had been showing herself to others, in the USA, and they noticed her curious hair cut in hearts. She never spoke. She also appeared as a Nature Spirit with long red hair and a green gown, and also as a woman. Her given name was Brigid . . . The Spiral of Alchemy is provided for those Priestesses and Priests who wish to learn and then train others into the deep inner work of the Priesthood. You bring to life the inner Star of Isis and Her Inner Sun which lies buried within each one of us, and within All that Is."

For the entire announcement of the Alchemical system, please see this page: The Spiral of Alchemy

Please note: The Spiral of Alchemy is only for members who have already been ordained in the FOI Priesthood. (After the year-and-a-day waiting period and registration.)

Priesthood Alchemists:
           Priest/ess Alchemists of the Spiral of Alchemy have gained at least four Alchemical Degrees of their own from study with a FOI center, and are qualified to bring other Priest/esses through the Alchemical Degree System in their own Solar Iseum. Until the 4th Degree is earned, the member is considered an Apprentice (1st Degree Apprentice, 2nd Degree Apprentice, etc.).

           Consecration of a Priest/ess Alchemist is done through the FOI ritual "Consecration of a Priest/ess Alchemist". This rite is performed either in person or through attunement with the training Priest/ess Alchemist. It is available in the Alchemy section of the Online Liturgy or in the Iseum Manual. The Iseum of the new Priest/hood Alchemist then becomes a Solar Iseum.

The Cosmic Web

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Priesthood Alchemical Degree System:
           There are 33 Alchemical Degrees total. Priest/ess Alchemists provide their own program of study from their Solar Iseum, culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The rites are based upon the 33 intersecting points made by the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Tiamat. More information may be found on these pages:

A summary of the FOI Cosmic Web of the Universe
"Quick Key" to the Cosmic Web for the Priesthood Alchemy Degrees

           The taking of a Degree lies with the member and may involve months or years. The number of Degrees acquired in no way has any bearing upon an Apprentice's status within the Fellowship of Isis. Each member is given equal honor and privileges. Degrees are simply a way for an individual to chart a path for their own personal growth and to keep track of their spiritual progress. (Also see Degree Guidelines.)

           There are two Alchemical Degree Systems to choose from: the original system and the alternate system. Each system is equally valid. In both systems, Priest/ess Alchemists provide an original program of study culminating in a rite of the below Liturgy. The Sources of the Liturgy, given at the end of each rite, are from ancient texts ranging from India, China, Egypt and Europe, to America and Africa. These form part of recommended reading.

Original Alchemy Degree System
           In the original system, a Priest/ess earns Alchemical degrees from four of the first five rituals before becoming qualified to be consecrated a Priest/ess Alchemist: If the rites within this original system have already been studied and enacted previous to ordination, a renewal of study and ritual is required in order to declare an Alchemy Degree. (including the Ordination Rite itself)

Original Priesthood Spiral of Alchemy Liturgy:
1) Flamma Vestae
2) Ordination of Priestesses & Priests
3) Rite of Rebirth, the Star of Ishtar
4) The Alchemical Wedding Rite
5) Isis and Osiris: The Judgment
6-13) Sphinx, Goddess Myths and Mysteries (All rites)
14-21) Isis of Alchemy, Transformation through the Goddess (All rites)
22-33) Nuit of the Milky Way, Alchemical Journeys of the Questing Twins
The rites in Nuit may be used as Priesthood Alchemical Dramas, or
Priest/ess Alchemists may create their own rituals using the beginning Oracles only.

Oracles for Rites 22-33: (All Oracles)
22. Pallas Athena of Greece - Wisdom from experience - Aries
23. Maha-Devi of India - Spiritual Illumination - Taurus
24. Muth of Egypt - The Sacred Marriage - Gemini
25. The Kore of Greece - Vision of the Shining One - Cancer
26. Kundalini of India - We awaken the inner serpent power - Leo
27. Ashtoreth of Phoenicia - Hard work brings self-earned reward - Virgo
28. Artemis of Greece - We learn to use our minds wisely - Libra
29. Sekhmet of Egypt - We discover our own strength and control it - Scorpio
30. Terra of Rome - We look within ourselves - Sagittarius
31. Ariadne of Crete - We face our many lives with courage - Capricorn
32. Nuit of Egypt - We learn the law of octaves - Aquarius
33. Isis of Egypt and Hellas - We awaken with Osiris - Pisces

Alternate Priesthood Alchemy Liturgy:
1) Rite of Rebirth: Alchemical Star of Ishtar
2-9) Sphinx, Goddess Myths & Mysteries: Alchemical World Myths
10-17) Isis of Alchemy: Magical Alchemy
18-25) Brigid of the Rainbow Planets: Personal Alchemical Journeys
26) Isis & Osiris: The Judgment: Cosmic Alchemy
27-32) Nuit of the Milky Way (2 rites each Degree): Priesthood share personal Alchemical journeys
33) Mystical Awakening

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