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The Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive. Authorized by the central FOI Foundation Center, Eire/Ireland.

Welcome to the Fellowship of Isis:
Rediscovering the Love and Compassion of the Goddess!
Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center & Temple

Welcome Audio: Hear Olivia Robertson's Welcome Olivia Robertson   Hear Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's Welcome Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

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What's New in the Fellowship of Isis What's New!

The Fellowship of Isis is a peaceful society that has members worldwide from all cultures, races and religions. It honors the good in all faiths and the Divine Feminine in all of Her forms. The Manifesto, written in 1976 when the Fellowship was first founded, provides its basic principles.

This site is dedicated to sharing and preserving information about the Fellowship of Isis as it originates from the central Foundation Center, headquartered in Ireland. It honors the legacy of the original founders as an authentic record of their work, as well as serving as an ongoing account of current FOI news and events.

The Fellowship of Isis is now overseen by the late Olivia Robertson's successor and niece, Cressida Pryor. Cressida holds the role of overall Steward of the Fellowship of Isis. She writes this of the ongoing work of the Circle of Brigid, the advisory body of the central Temple:

"The ‘original’ FOI, based at and around the Foundation Centre is still strong, alive and vibrant;
is holding festivals regularly and supporting priests and priestesses
in their valuable work and also training new members for the priesthood.
This core of the original FOI is here to serve the Goddess in all her aspects
for the greater good of humanity and this beautiful planet
as the founders originally envisaged." (1/15)

If you are unfamiliar with the Fellowship of Isis, please first visit the introduction page and catch up on the correspondence in the FOI letters section. The history section includes more details and photos on each of the FOI founders: Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson. And be sure to explore the various galleries that include hundreds of pictures of Clonegal Castle's Temple, Olivia's online Goddess art, as well as listen to audio clips of Olivia and her brother, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

Here you may always read for free the complete Fellowship of Isis Liturgy as was originally published by Cesara Publications, as well as other related materials, such as the spiritual autobiography of Olivia Robertson, The Call of Isis, and the perpetual calendar of the FOI: Juno Covella, written by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, along with his other available works online. And if you wish to purchase the writings of Olivia Robertson in book form, please see the online bookstore.

The Fellowship of Isis Homepage was first created in 1999 for the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center in Ireland. It was maintained over the years with the full support and ongoing supervision of Olivia Robertson, until her passing in 2013. This support has now been extended by her successor, Cressida Pryor, and the Durdin-Robertson family, to whom we give our sincere thanks. Olivia and the other co-founders, her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his wife, Pamela, lived together at their ancestral home, Clonegal/Huntington Castle, which still remains the central Temple of the Fellowship of Isis. We will always be grateful for Olivia Robertson's past contributions and blessings, and we lovingly dedicate this site to her.

Begin your journey by following one of the menu links in the left-hand column, or review the latest uploads on our What's New page and then trust in Isis to guide your way . . .

Societies within the FOI:

College of Isis Lyceums | Spiral of the Adepti Iseums | FOI Priesthood

Druid Clan of Dana Groves | Noble Order of Tara Priories | Muses Symposium

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Blessings of Isis to all Aset Shemsu!
Blessings of Isis!
Drawing © Olivia Robertson

Your Web Homepage is so fully appreciated all over the earth now!
Love & Blessings of Isis, Olivia
(Nov. 2010)

Copyright Notice: We offer these pages as an information resource for members of the international Fellowship of Isis community. We ask that you enjoy the photos, audio files, rituals, news, writings and artwork on these pages, but do not reproduce them in any manner. All forms of media are protected by local and international copyright laws. The works of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson are not in the public domain and their copyrights are now owned by the Durdin-Robertson family at the central Temple in Ireland. Cressida Pryor wrote on Jan. 27th, 2015: “The FOI founders (and now their heirs) are the sole owners of the FOI name, hieroglyphs and Olivia’s writings and art work.” If you have any questions, contact us by clicking here.

This site is managed from the USA for the central FOI Foundation Center in Ireland.
It was registered as an FOI Iseum (Hearth of the Goddess) by Olivia Robertson in 1999.
All contents copyright © 1999-2018 and all rights are reserved.